How Not to Choose a Byron Bay Wedding Photographer

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You have heard long speeches on how to choose the right wedding photographer but do you know how not to choose a Byron Bay wedding photographer? After the flowers are set and the cake is ready, you need a good photographer to capture the magical day. It can be pretty overwhelming to find the perfect photographer but it is very important. Here are some factors that should not influence your choice if you want to get the right Byron Bay bridal cameraman for the job.


They have an insane sale

Some things are just worth paying an extra buck for and a good wedding photographer is one of them. You can opt for a cheaper wedding dress and an expensive photographer because a professional can make that cheap dress look amazing in pictures while an average photographer won’t bring out the beauty in a designer wedding dress. Discount shouldn’t be the single deciding factor for choosing Byron Bay nuptial leans-man but you should always expect the quality of what you pay for.


They shoot hundreds of weddings a year

It is very important for any wedding photographer in Byron Bay to be experienced in what they do. You don’t want your special day to be used as practice for someone’s career but you also don’t want someone who is overly busy. If they need associate photographers to help them, or they are overbooked with multiple events every weekend, back out. If a photographer promises to do everything themselves, and they have a heavy workload, chances are you will be getting below average services. Choose a photographer that treats you like VIP o matter how many other clients they have.


The photographer is family

Your friend who recently launched his portrait studio, your aunt who is a wild life photographer and your cousins who just graduated from art school might cut it for someone else but not you. While it may seem like a money saving move to have friends and family shoot your wedding for free, this is most likely a disaster in the making. Because your friend has some great shots doesn’t mean they will be the perfect Byron Bay bridal camera work professionals for you.


Recommended by the venue

Some venues will sell advertising spots to wedding vendors including photographers. This means the samples and portfolios they will show you are not necessarily the best, someone just had the money to pay for them to be put in your face. Double check all Byron Bay marriage photographer’s recommendations you receive.


Amazing portfolio

A Byron Bay wedding cameraman portfolio is a good basis to choose them for the job but should not be the only consideration. No matter how much their work intrigues you, make sure their personality is something you can deal with because you will be spending a lot of time together.



If you find all the tips, trick and rules for landing the right photographer tiresome, try these tips on how not to choose a wedding photographer. With this guide, you can avoid the horror stories that other couples have from choosing the wrong Byron Bay wedding photographer.




محل تبلیغات شما
محل تبلیغات شما

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